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Medication Administration Error Essay

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My heart is with you and little Emmy. This morning, myself and 71 other 1st year nursing students began studying medication administration at a community college nursing program in Washington state. I do not think there was a dry eye in the room. I hope you can take solace knowing that we will never forget her, and that it helped us all understand how critical proper medical administration is. Thank you for sharing her story with all of us. Your story is profoundly tragic and moving. As the father of three young children, 6 and 4 year old twins, all of whom spent weeks in the hospital when they were born, it is easy to relate to the terror and loss such an experience would bring. Our oldest was born with a serious heart condition requiring open heart surgery when she was 5 days old.

We are greatful for the skilled surgeon and medical care that helped her survive and thrive but were concerned the entire stay that something could go wrong. Though too late to spare your daughter and your family from this senseless tragedy, we hope to spare thousand of others from injury or death every year. We hope your foundation will help educate and raise awareness of this issue while we work to provide the tools to make it a thing of the past. THANK YOU for not only sharing and bringing awareness to this medical error, but also implementing steps to prevent this from ever happening again. I sincerely applaud your efforts towards the Emily Jerry Foundation. I just read your story and I am so sorry for your loss.

It was nice meeting you at Starbucks. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. We used to work together and I know how much you adore your family.

Your effort and dedication will save others. This breaks my heart. I was very surprised that there are no requirements or training required for someone to compound medications and vaccines in the state of Ohio. I hope that this foundation can change legislation and mandate the laws of pharmacy technicians. God Bless you and yours. God Bless You! I never heard this story! My prayers are with you and your family and it is comforting to know that you have used your tragedy to bless others.

I would like to express my deepest sympathy due to the loss of your angel. I missed seeing the date of the event, but will research again. I will keep you and your family in my prayers as I know the feeling of losing loved ones. May God continue to Bless you and grant you Peace. Chris, just wanted to say what a great website this is, and lunch with you was enlightening to say the least! Good luck to you as you proceed with your goals and dreams! Thank you for raising awareness and promoting medication safety. Keep up the great effort. I still remember reading the Josie King story years ago when I first started a role in medication safety at my hospital. Sharing these preventable tragedies is so compelling and helps so much in advancing patient safety in healthcare.

God Bless you and all your friends who have experienced this tremedous tragedy and loss. I admire your bravery in wanting to make some changes as a result of this tragedy. Just know that you all have had a profound impact on my family and we will do all we can to support your efforts. I actually heard about your story in one of my pharmacy Techinican classes. I had to do some more research on this. She was a beautiful little girl. This is why I wanted to go through this training before entering into the pharmacy. I have read through this story about 10 times now and it still moves me. I never quite make it through. I find it equally moving that you could arise from this tragedy and honor Emily the way you do with the Emily Jerry Foundation.

Keep up the good work. I manage a large medical practice and I speak about double checking names, date of births, lab orders, medication dosages all the time to avoid the very thing that happened to your daughter. I thank you for sharing your story and hope that medical personel read it, understand it and apply it in every day of their jobs. Thank you and god bless your family. Kisha Lottes. Luckily with a lot of pushing, we finally got them to require techs in Mississippi to be certified in April of I personally feel like all technicians or anyone working with medications need to be certified or at least attend classes. So many things went wrong that day. Everyone should be aware of just how dangerous some of these drugs can be.

I wish you and your family all of the best!! Its so heartbreaking for a little girl to go through something like that. My heart goes out to her, and to you the parents. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. As I progress in my role as a healthcare professional I will keep the beautiful image of Emily in my thoughts and actively work to prevent such tragedies. OMG I just hear about this on tv today, so sorry this tragedy happened to your innocennt, beautiful baby.

Continued success to this foundation and God bless you and your family members. I just wanted to say this is a very tragic story and we all in this world should take extra percautions. We students here at SJVC will always take this story in consideration when it comes to working in a pharmacy. Keep up the good work with the Emily Law Foundation. Your family will never be forgotten. What an incredible story you share. God bless you for raising the awareness Emily deserves.

I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our daughter Amanda, on July 17, She was 18, and had a very bad strain of strep throat. We took her to the doctor for the 3rd time and he finally admitted her due to dehydration. By the time we arrived at the hospital she began to run a temp of Long story short she died 2 days later after being put on a pain pump. I can not tell you anymore due to legal matters, but you can research GOOGLE and look for the petition that was filed with the Indiana Compensation Board and that will give you everything you need to know.

Just type in her name. Loosing our daughter is the worst as you know. She was so loved that her viewing was the biggest the 45 year old funeral home had ever seen and our church during the funeral was full to capacity with standing room only left. We estimated that between the funeral and viewing we had around people. Please go to our website and help us prevent this from happening again. I will spread the word and story about your beautiful little angel with the beautiful blue eyes with everyone who will listen. The only thing that gets me through my day is knowing I will see my daughter again in Heaven. God Bless you and your family and I will spread the word of this wonderful Foundation.

I applaud your Foundation and its commendable work to strive for better outcomes in our healthcare field. Thank you! I appreciate you coming to Sanford Brown Tinley Park and speaking about your story, it has really touched me and made me want to be a great pharmacy technician when i become one. I really hope you come back and speak again for future students because your story was really touching and it really was an eye opener. Once again Thank You and I hope you continue to keep her story alive. Chris and Eric embody the whole story. They come together to miraculously and transparently disclose the whole story.

I just ran across your story for the first time today while looking for some information on medication errors to share with my nursing students. I teach undergraduate nursing students in the clinical and classroom setting, and I have seen negative student attitudes related to having to learn drug dosage calculations in class. Keep up the good work of ensuring that our healthcare systems are as safe as they can be. Thank you for sharing your story. This is such a tragic event and should have been prevented. This error made by the technician, checked by a pharmacist and should have also been checked by the Nurse infusing the medication.

Today we have more education, certification and licensing to prevent such a tragic event from happening. I am a pharmacy tech. It does get very busy and overwhelming but we still need to make sure not to make a mistake. This sorry moved me. Dear Mr. Jerry, I am going to school to be a pharmacy tech. For my class we are doing a paper on your daughter Emily. I would like to express my deepest sympathy for you. I am so very thankful that my teacher has told us to research your story it has really opened up my eyes. She was a very beautiful little girl. All my prayers to you and your family and to the sweet little angel who now is in the arms of God. I do hope and pray that no more little Emilys suffer the same fate. Indeed, ignorance is never an excuse especially if a life is at stake.

Learned a great lesson here. Thanks for sharing and coming up with this foundation. All the best! Thank you so much for allowing all of us into your life and into your fight. I commend you for what you are doing and for taking Eric into your fight. It is good to know that something good can come from such a tragedy. I know Emily is watching down on your family and can not wait to be reunited one day! Jerry, I attended your presentation in Williamston, NC last week. I am in awe; and have been deeply touched by the great things you are doing.

I would love to share this story at one of my staff meetings. I wanted to know if this presentation was online anywhere? May God continue to bless, strenghten and heal you. I was deeply moved by your story and thank you for sharing it at our Patient Safety Summit in CT last week. My mission is to help with instilling high reliability HRO values and help make our organization safer for all who are treated here by focuisng on patient safety related issues and a higher awareness of preoccupation with failure, increased accountability and best practices to minimize human error.

As a nursing student one of our assignments is to write an essay about medication errors and their danger. As I sit here reading your story tears are pouring down my face! I cannot imagine the heartache your family has gone through. That picture of your sweet Emily will stay in my memory forever and I will do everything humanly possible to prevent any medications errors that could occur in my career as a nurse. This story has touched me deeply and I am going to print it out and give it to all my class mates. Hopefully this story will prevent any one of us from making such a tragic mistake.

I hope that you can find some sort of comfort in the good that you are doing in your sweet daughters name. I am a father of three and I feel for your loss of your precious daughter. We must do everything in our power to protect patients. I will take every opportunity I have to be an advocate for patient safety. As a pharmacist I could not agree more with you about keeping on eye on patient safety. It will be a long battle to prevent bills like this that benefit corporate greed. I am truly moved by your story.

I am again truly sorry and my heart goes out to you and your family. I am a Pharmacy Technician student in Michigan. You make a mistake that costs a two-year-old child their life, own up to it. My heart broke when I read your story. I could hear her little voice in my head and I am just in tears to think that she went through that. It was so good to chat with you today at the airport. When you handed me your card I knew a sweet girl was no longer with us.

My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope I can be of help to you as we share a common cause in different fields of science. God bless your family and Emily and God bless you in your work. This deeply saddens me and breaks my heart!!!! I hope that hospital got sued! Such a darling little girl!!!! I am so so sorry for loosing such an angel due to humanly and technical negligence on those that we trust our lives in. It is just unfortunate. It was heartbreaking and eye opening at the same time. They used your story as a template for how even the smallest errors can bring so much harm and how this error should have never been missed if the system had been in place.

Im so sorry your baby became a story for this but I truly believe her story alone will change the lives of many. As a soon to be father I can not imagine the pain that you and your family must have gone through. I pray that because of this that all states increase the standard of education required for all medical fields. I cannot even begin to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your loss. I am a pharmacy technician, and I completely understand the role that we play in hospitals, is actually crucial.

In Ontario, Canada where I live we have now implemented new laws that require all pharmacy technicians to be licensed and our field is regulated under the College of Pharmacist. We have more training and do everything we can to prevent medication errors. I was upset to read that the Pharm Tech had no idea what she did was wrong, it was very obvious and preventable.

I stumbled upon this story while researching for Medication Administration Error Essay cases for my project as Medication Administration Error Essay am in graduate school. So many things Medication Administration Error Essay wrong that day. Patient identifiers are the first Medication Administration Error Essay to write Medication Administration Error Essay a prescription. I Medication Administration Error Essay in some Medication Administration Error Essay way, Michaela Deprinces Romeo And Juliet telling your Medication Administration Error Essay helps prevent future Medication Administration Error Essay errors with healthcare professionals. Medication Administration Error Essay bless you and Lisa! Nate, her big brother, would read to her for hours and hours, the Medication Administration Error Essay books over and over. Medication Administration Error Essay makes me want to do so much better as a future nurse and my Medication Administration Error Essay so that we can Medication Administration Error Essay Healthy Diet Vs Mediterranean Diet Essay mistakes like this one.

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