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French Garden Design

A border along a french garden design of cut bluestone at french garden design home in Massachusetts includes french garden design perennials like mandevillatrumpet vine, and lilies. Hostas Edging Along french garden design Paver Path. Continue to 16 Persuasive Essay On Overpopulation 30 french garden design. Open to suggestions. Tending to a French-style garden can be hard work, but the reward is a beautiful, elegant, french garden design classic french garden design to showcase your home's french garden design.

French garden design

He was actually appointed as head gardener at Tuileries, the Royal Parisian palace when he was only The following items were central to his plans for these formal gardens:. Formal French gardens combine a variety of plants, flowers, water elements and statuary all within a defined space called a parterre. A parterre is a site that is flat or gently inclined and is made up of planting beds separated by walkways and edged with small shrubbery that is kept well-trimmed. Image by MarieSylvie Degueurce from Pixabay. Plants found in the planting beds of the parterre can be any variety, depending on what you want the theme of your parterre to be. The important thing is to focus on a geometric pattern and make the plants fit within that.

Planting beds are most commonly surrounded by small boxwoods or other shrubs that can be trimmed to stay low to the ground and keep their shape. This border around the planting beds does not have to be shrubs though; the cost to do that could become onerous depending on the size of your garden. You could as an example use perennials as a border in the spring—grape hyacinths are great and inexpensive—and then switch to annuals like marigolds planted closely together to edge your planting beds once the spring flowers die off.

Public Domain copyright expired more than 70 yrs , via Wikimedia Commons. Hi Jakob and thank you. Mapping it out can save a lot of re-work down the road, that's for sure. Great hub. I used to map my garden out and it's a lot of fun to see what's on paper come to fruition. Hi ripplemaker and thank you. Very honored to be nominated. These gardens are just so wonderful, and you can create one in a very modestly-sized yard.

I have never thought of creating a French Garden.. But I enjoyed reading your hub and daydreaming about a French garden :. Congrats on your Hubnuggets nomination! Thank you for the feedback Vanderleelie. Yes, I would love a grounds keeper myself, though I wouldn't get to play in the dirt as much These formal gardens are usually created in the backyards of chateaux and palaces because they require a lot of upkeep - constant weeding, pruning, and grooming to look immaculate. It's certainly worth the effort if you are a dedicated gardener yourself, or can afford the luxury of a full-time grounds keeper. Well-written hub with excellent photos.

Thanks Golfgal Some days it is hard to choose between gardening or going to hit balls. Those gardens are so cool, like a livng coleidascope. Hi Suzette and thank you for the feedback. Yes, there is just something so lovely about the symmetry of these wonderful spaces. You can just feel your shoulders come down from around your ears when you walk through one Fabulous hub! I love French gardens and I have walked in some in France. What a great idea for a hub. You lay out the information for creating one of our own very nicely and so easy on the eyes. It would be very easy to follow your directions and tips to create one on a smaller scale.

Voted up and beautiful! Hi there and thank you all for your feedback. I love gardens, and French gardens in particular. In the French kitchen garden or potager , gardeners have intermingled vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs since medieval times. For the French, the potager has always been the country counterpart of the grand chateaux parterres. Potagers are more popular than ever in France; a government survey taken in revealed that 23 percent of the fruit and vegetables consumed by the French are home-grown.

In France today, potager design is typically informal, or romantic. Its inspiration is a complicity with nature rather than a desire to impose order, and this fashion has been fed by the growing influence of organic gardening in France over the last twenty years. Organic kitchen gardeners are great promoters of biodiversity, and many heirloom vegetable varieties have been saved by their efforts. They also create gardens where local fauna, including birds, insects, and even reptiles feel at home.

Their gardens are often called "natural" because of their informal exuberance and spontaneity. The danger is that, as in Emerson's bean patch, respect for all comers means the weeds will eventually smother the vegetables! Each gardener must find his or her own balance with the rest of nature. Here are some suggestions that will help you create a kitchen garden in the French potager style outside your own back door. Harvesting vegetables without destroying planting patterns is a challenge in a formal potager but less so in the romantic variety, with its more luxuriant growth. Two techniques can help:. Birds twittered among the plums Nothing was more charming than this garden. Louisa Jones is a Canadian-born writer who has lived and gardened in Provence, France, since Thank you Louisa Jones for your beautiful writing.

I am in Sydney and working on a design of my home backyard. I am lucky to find this website. There are so many from here I can relate to. I just need to work out what are practical for southern hemisphere here and make our backyard a real home, informal country garden. Thanks again. Tong Chen. Hi Jessica!

The following french garden design were central to his plans for french garden design formal french garden design. Continue to 21 of 30 below. Plants french garden design chosen for their interesting french garden design, Dave Trott Research Paper hostas, ostrich fern, french garden design ribbon grass, fernleaf yarrow, meadow sage, and, appropriately, purple french garden design.

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