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Apocalypse Now Film Techniques

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Yet Tarr not only insisted that the scene was shot under veterinarian supervision, but that the cat resided at his home outside Budapest, healthy and happy, for many years after the shoot. The shock of witnessing the raid is so extreme that Rublev gives up painting and takes a vow of silence, and Tarkovsky makes certain the audience understands why. Two famous scenes stand out: One involves the burning of a cow which was shielded by an asbestos coat and unharmed , and the other features a horse that falls from a flight of stairs and gets stabbed by a spear at the bottom.

Though the horse was brought in from a slaughterhouse—and sent back afterward, dead, for commercial use—its demise was only simulated in that Tarkovsky shot it in the neck off-camera and gave it a shove; it was then speared after struggling to regain its footing after the fall. The most infamous part, of course, is at the end of the movie, when Divine waits for a dog to move its bowels, then shoves the shit into her mouth. Though there are definitely two chickens in the scene, most making-of accounts hold that that only one actually died.

Flicka Animals have intermittently been harmed in the course of making amazing movies, because the driven filmmaker at the helm was less concerned about their safety than about getting a particular shot. But animals have also been killed in the course of making polite treacle, just because the hard-working, uninspired people on the set got careless or had bad luck. The girl-and-her-horse movie Flicka , based on the novel that inspired the movie My Friend Flicka and a TV series, made headlines during its production when a horse was put down after breaking its leg during a running scene, and another broke its neck in a fall after escaping the man holding its tether. At some point, Godard must have decided that these techniques were too soft to get across the points he wanted to make, because he shuts up and gets real: Everything else stops while some people hoist up a pig and cut its throat.

A goose also gives up the ghost in order to shake viewers out of their bourgeois complacency. Apocalypse Now There are few sights more horrifying than a corpulent Marlon Brando in a black muumuu, but the ritual slaughter of a water buffalo at the climax of Apocalypse Now wins by an arterial squirt. Producer Roger Corman amped up the spectacle by demanding more fake blood and retitling the film Born To Kill , but the documentary-style footage is horrifying enough to need no enhancement.

While servants drum out rabbits and birds with sticks, the perched hunters take aim in a clearing. And he used real rabbits, which amped up the sense of realism even further. The grisly image not only foreshadows a murder later in the picture, it gives a sense of ethical gravity to an accepted hobby like sport shooting. Or maybe, given that his unknown captor has just been mocking him via cell phone, he wants to take his fury out on something tangible, and extend his suffering to a creature as helpless as he feels.

Director Park Chan-wook captures a remarkable shot of the dead-eyed Choi biting the octopus to pieces as it struggles, tentacles pushing against his face and wrapping around his wrist as it dies. It was a problematic requirement for Choi, a practicing Buddhist; he explained in interviews that he had to pray for each octopus, and in the behind-the-scenes video below, he apologizes to one of them before a take. In this Turkish drama, Greedy older brother Erol Tas cuts off access to the only spring in his rural area, damming it up on his property at the expense of the villagers downstream.

When he shoots a protesting neighbor, Tas gets his younger brother to go to jail for the murder, and forcibly takes up with his bride. HBO, as well as Milch and Mann, insisted that the show followed the most stringent safety standards, and that deaths like these happen at the racetrack in much higher percentages than was happening on the set of Luck. Then, during shooting for the second episode of the second season, a third horse got spooked while being walked by a trainer, and ended up fracturing its skull; it had to be put down. It was then that HBO, perhaps evaluating the low ratings and bad buzz, shut production down for good.

While some of the more harrowing scenes were cut for U. The A. By Vadim Rizov ,. Tasha Robinson ,. Nathan Rabin ,. Scott Tobias ,. Marc Hawthorne ,. Sam Adams ,. Phil Dyess-Nugent ,. Come and See is a film I find almost impossible to review. Describing watching a film as an 'experience' often detracts from the quality of the piece, but going by the profound effect the film had on me I really feel no other word can do it justice. World War 2 films often seem to fall victim to Hollywood romanticism and sensationalism and while that certainly has some appeal, I always prefer my war films on the grimmer side. Grim and bleak is something the Russians do really well and combined with the atrocities that occurred during WW2 in Belarus, what we are presented with is one of the most disturbing and confrontational studies of the devastating effects of war….

I cannot believe this is real, I'm so fucking glad I saw this in theaters. Francois Truffaut argued in that simply depicting war inherently glorifies it, so every war film is inevitably pro-war. In , Elem Klimov proved him wrong. The horrors of history as an apocalyptic metaphor of metaphysical evil; an unsparing depiction of inhumanity helmed by one of the greatest performances of all time, Come and See stands as a memorial to moral catastrophe. This is one of the most powerful war films I've ever seen. I've had a pretty great upbringing thus far in life and I've never personally experienced an atrocity so it's hard to relate or make judgements on how this compares to the real thing.

Some movies do a good job of capturing what war can be like. This movie is uncomparable to those in more ways than one. This movie sets a new standard in making war seem like hell. Come and See is the most unforgiving war film I have ever seen. It is an astonishing work of pure devastation. The filmmaking is emotive, intent on capturing the experiences of the characters more than their reality, using both audio and visual techniques that emulate human perception. The best war films are made by sides who lost or suffered great losses. Come and See is thus a poignant reminder that the Eastern Front was the deadliest conflict in human history. Hollywood, rarely able to contemplate that all war is a human disaster, would never and could never make a film like this.

At first I thought people had overstated the horrors of Come and See , but the final act presents…. One of the more upsetting experiences I've had in a long time, and a true document of evil so disturbing, only human beings could fathom such horror. The fact everything on screen actually occurred on my planet is proof we're doomed as a species What's most fascinating about Come and See is how determined it is to never lose our gaze. Not even necessarily our attention, because while it's a quiet film before being disrupted by screams, explosions, distant gunshots, it gives the audience the freedom to perceive and take in the horrors as they're presented to us.

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