⒈ Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal?

Wednesday, December 22, 2021 4:17:07 AM

Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal?

Many people look forward to the day Essay On Role Models In To Kill A Mockingbird are Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal? Lateral Meningioma first drive a car. Those citizens who favor driving licenses for illegal immigrants argue that licenses provide information about illegal immigrants and contribute to better understanding of the driving rules. Driving is a huge deal in society. No major bank in Mexico accepts the Matricula card to open an account. I very. He goes on Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal? list off several different daily rages people Ap Eye Cream America go through almost every day throughout. These Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal? include Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal? of fraud in Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal?, trouble with access in Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal? and high demand in California and Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal?

Driver's Licenses For Illegal Immigrants?

With this being noted, immigrants do not intend to remain in a welfare state as an excuse for not working, but rather work even. Millions of children are brought to the United States illegally without much choice. Although some grow up to become active members of society, the future of immigrant youth is handicapped by immigration laws, which make them face the hardships of not being able to go to college, drive or get jobs, and live with the constant fear of deportation. The Dream Act is. According to a survey there are about Roosevelt Immigration itself is a powerful word to all immigrants living in the United States.

Why is it that when we hear the word immigration we think of Mexicans? That is something that nobody will ever understand. But immigration is not just about Mexicans, it is also about all the other immigrant people living. Every settler, every missionary, every pilgrim came to the New World as an immigrant, one who comes to live permanently in a foreign country due to oppression, religious freedom, or to pursue a better life. Yet a pressing issue that has taken a high level of importance in the political and social spectrums is the issue of immigration, how to prevent future immigrants from entering America.

This kind of inconsistencies within the system would have also become a concern. Why would illegal immigrants need to drive for that security to be effective? Why not provide them with state identification card which would have required of them to be finger printed. This is why we the blue collar class believes that ulterior motive is behind that law being enacted. And it is motivated through means of profit maximization without regard to our citizens who are here legal. We hope that President Obama re-think this issue and while doing so keep in mind that illegal immigrants couldn't vote for him. It was we the blue collars from all unions who voted him in office. We understand that he made a promise to take up immigration reform first year in office. We hope that he look over the licensing issue because as it is right now the underline reasons conflict with the blue collar working class.

We want to keep our wages and our jobs, having illegal immigrants possessing licenses will cause businesses to take advantage of this situation, which would eventually resulted to a decline in wages. As it is right now inflation has gone up and our wages still stays the same. And to have illegal immigrants possess licenses will not be in the best interest of the working class, but instead that of the profit holders. Since we understood that we're in a recession we accept being inflated, after all we do have a job while others who would have liked one are jobless. That is one positive point to look forward to; the stimulus did help a bit. President for honoring our licenses.

We would like you to know that you have the support of all the local unions who voted for you in the last election. I very. Much think that the Latinos should be abe to get a drives license. Without any problem. It states that everyone is free and has the right to serport there family. And not to be torn apart. Its funny how they talk about Mexicans dont hate Mexicans are hardworkers nt like other ppl askin for money. I love to hear our politicians talk about the "Dream Act" and one of the requirements would be that the illegals would learn english etc.

That is such a joke. Our country is so busy making it easy for them to navigate in this country without learning english. Look around, everything is printed in english and spanish. We have biligual programs in our schools and when looking for job you better speak spanish because many of the requirements state that they prefer biligual. I saw a job posting for a janitor of which you had to speak spanish. I do not understand our politicians at all. I also see the Mexican flags when they protest. What a joke on us!!!!!. And will someone please tell me what other country will allow you to become an automatic citizen when your mother is illegal?

This is enough to make me want to vote republican. So i think they should get driver's license and sometimes the illegal parent takes their child to the US illegally too and its not the child's fault. No i don't think so. So they should provide driver's license for illegal immigrants. I'm sick of hearing people saying that all illegal. Aliens are Mexicans.. Aliens are hations Mexicans Germans Columbians Brazilians etc soon why always refer a illegal as a effing Mexican..

In my opinion illegals could do what they wanted to do as long as they do everything to get everything that they need to be a U. No DL unless you are legal, same with citizens, if we lose license under suspension for breaking a law or failure to pay fines, we have to wait for suspension lifted. So we can't drive until then. Get my point "Broke a Law"? To ANNRAE - "WE" are not "all Immigrants" I and many generations of my family were born here, came over with Penn and the Mayflower and also my native ancestry birthright, other generations not born here yes they were Immigrants but it does not make me one.

Furthermore, those ancestors came legally thru the proper ports and registered, were checked over for diseases, worked off the cost of passage, worked harder than you will ever have to and along with all those other Legal Aliens built what once was a The Greatest Nation on the Planet, and you all are dying to come here and get what you can, greedy and selfish. Then there is that fellow who declared we stole the southwest from Mexico, you need some serious truth history, this country paid Mexico's pres for the southwest and he took off with the money. I live near the border and I know all about the cost and the benefits all these illegals enjoy. I know about the crimes they commit and the destruction they leave when they are caught or move on or are killed.

Oh lest I forget another poster said "most of the United States belonged to Mexico" you need to just keep your fingers in your pockets honey cause you have no clue what you talking about! Lastly, I wish people would stop saying they work jobs we don't want, that is BS, also they work for less pay, where, who, I have known hundreds of illegals that worked same as you or I, they just borrow SS. What a Country! As for not work those low jobs I have, I will, and I do, chicken houses, the fields, I always earn my way. It is telling that certain counties should have higher unemployment numbers but shockingly they don't and that is because illegals can't collect those benefits yet! Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to have drivers licenses or collect medicaid, or have their children educated for free, or get free medical care.

Driving is a privilege, not a right. Even if it were a right it should be reserved for American citizens and those here legally. In a perfect world, if an illegal attempted to get a driver's license, he would be turned over to INS and deported and if he were stopped for a driving infraction he would also be turned over to INS and deported. I called my representative to express my wrath as to why a roll call vote was not taken,they couldn't answer the question.

We the people need to be alert to how they operate. The bill was passed by a voice vote meaning that a row call of the vote was NOT recorded. The foundation of our Government is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are a Nation of the Rule of Law, without the law there is injustice, terrorism and anarchy. This is what America is all about and our Democrat and Republican Elected Officials take an oath to defend it. To do otherwise is to break the law. We have a Corrupt Congress and a President who is in violation of not enforcing the law.

Who will defend us against law breakers? In Congress passed an amendment to the immigration law. That law was passed by a voice too, we now know that the law Don't Work simply because the government is not enforcing the law. The unauthorized aliens and supporters march with signs that read ''racism'', '' we have rights'','' we are people '' throwing bottles at the police and displaying Mexican flags in our cities and towns in our country. Try crossing the border in Russia, China and any other country without authorization.

Foreigners go to jail for a long time. If one values their life, they know that the government will enforce the laws. I know that you will try. I want to remind you again that the root cause of the problem is not the influx of illegal in this country but rather which members of our society that are attracting that influx. But what happen sometimes is that some company refuses to give equal opportunities to equal skills they instead prefer to engage in bi est. This can definitely cause the employer to take advantage of the situation and pay employees base on how much they are willing to settle for instead of their wroth.

However though, the flip side of that token produces a domino effect that causes the poor whites income to also diminish in value. If you really think about it if black Americans, legal and illegal are working for less the poor whites income is also going to depreciate in value. The best solution in this case if for them to work together to legalized the illegal so that they too can join the fight for equal pay for equal work to all. For this matter you are going to have a demand for cheap labor which will always attract the illegal in our country.

So Jon to fight the result of the problem is not the solution, the cause is the reduction of labor cost at any course for the advantage of maximizing profit. And yes! You are absolutely right Jon Some Americans are aware of corruptions in Washington DC but remember wherever there are opportunities they will be corruptions for we are functioning under a system of currency that is depreciating in value. Therefore, wherever there is a lack of there will be a loss of.

Therefore right? We have to have a therefore to know the conclusions of things. So therefore, if social justice is not the same as equal justice why then does it allows egalitarianism and equality as two main adjectives which correlate with equal justice. IT would appear to me that no one can achieve equal justice without going through social justice first. Two wrongs don't make a right and two rights don't make a wrong. It seems today in our society and in Washington that right is wrong and wrong is right, agree. In our government passed a law to give illegal immigrants amnesty. My family owned company followed the law even though our competitors were using illegals. To be honest and obey the laws, our company hard working family suffered tremendously. The government who made the law did not enforce the law.

Today, some 24 years later our government still isn't enforcing the law. Those people in Washington were elected by the people legal citizens to serve the people legal citizens. My experiences with the Hispanics leaves me to know that they are hard working people. The problem is that they are breaking the laws of our country and they don't care because our government is not enforcing the laws. Americans are aware of the corruption in Washington, have been silent until they have had enough. How would it be that they were rounded up like the Japanese during WW11 and given a choice to return to their country of origin or be incarcerated somewhere.

They came here knowingly that they were breaking the law. Our politicians Hispanic and others encouraged them to come and have a better life for their families. You are an interesting man who has experienced the problem and I respect you and the many who came here legally. But it's time for wrong to be wrong and right to be right. The Arizona law SB gave them sufficient time to leave for where ever. If you ask me I think you have some excellent points here. Anyhow allow me to explain what I see with my mm lens. Well, before I start I have to admit you raise some important issue but I sincerely think we can link the two arguments and extract the best out of them. I think we have an agreement there because to me political officials are like empty vessel.

Their main purpose is to direct us to their destination of preference. This is why we must listen to the ideas that they share with us as oppose to their political party. Ok I agree but remember in my previous reply I mentioned why the government allows this leeway. Yes Jon they are coming here for jobs but the only problem is Americans complains when the economy is doing bad, which shows somewhat of a double standard because when the economy is good allow the illegal to perform the low paying jobs. Ok, Jon now I have to admit although you may appear older than I am — I have a little more comprehension as to why immigrants come here. Yes or No Jon?

Jon neither illegal or aliens come here for entitlements. These are some hard working people you talking about here Jon. I started working at the age of 14 with working paper because I was too young to work. I started passing out flayer until I was old enough to work at McDonalds. I know many people especially some Africans and West Indian Immigrants who would rather starve than to collect welfare checks. You have no idea how proud these people are because if you knew you would not have said what you said.

Most of them have more than one profession because when one is not fortunate that one must be flexible. Collecting welfare checks is not something that is spoken loudly in the West Indian community. Especially those who have the opportunity to do well in their home land. And you should not forget that some come here for the education, very much like Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. These are examples that show that immigrants are the founder of economic growth in this country. If anyone from the Europe countries can refer to each other as European why is it that those of us who are the native of the Americas cannot refer to each other as Americans. Logically speaking if someone was born in Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba or Porto Rico that one by definition is an American for the simple fact that he or she is the native of the western Atmosphere.

IT would make sense right? After all every country that is part of Europe, the people there refer to each other as Europeans. This decision should become the part of the national effort to strengthen the license laws and improve the national security. Illegal immigrants entered the United States in violated with the American law and, therefore, they should not be granted any rights. Hunter, Kathleen. We use cookies to provide the best experience for you.

To ANNRAE - "WE" are not "all Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal? I and many generations of my family were born here, came over with Penn and the Mayflower and also my native ancestry birthright, other generations Sweet Sorghum born here yes Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal? were Immigrants but it does not make me one. You have Summary Of Florence Kelley Child Labor idea how proud these people are because if you knew you would not have chocolat french movie what you Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal?. It is a moment in Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal? when you are truly tested to see if you are constrained. These Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal? include allegations of fraud in Vermont, trouble with access in Colorado and high demand in California and Connecticut Should Drivers License Be Illegal Immigrants Be Legal? AAA executive summary. If you lose your Florida driver license and need a replacement license, where do you apply for it?

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